Management Team

Brad Carlton Bradford Robert Carlton
Bradford R. Carlton founded the Carlton Industries Corporation in 1994 with a small contingent of employees who are still with him today. Since then, he has grown the business exponentially to become a premium supplier of electronic manufacturing services in the Northeast. He hires employees who are the best in their respective fields and continually strives to expand and update the business as new technologies emerge. Bradford is committed to provide superior customer service and works closely with his clients to fully understand their expectations and help achieve their business goals.
wesWeston S. See
Vice President
Weston has been at Carlton Industries for over 15 years. Weston works closely with the Management Team and oversees all divisions of the company including production, purchasing, engineering and quality assurance. Weston is in close contact with our customers and strives to understand their expectations so they can be met. He also works closely with the other members of the Management Team to continually move the company into the future.

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