Industrial Controls

Industrial Controls Carlton Industries

Carlton Industries is certified up to the latest revision standard of  ISO 9001 and is an expert at making the electronics that control how things work. Whether you want to turn it on, turn it off, control its motion, sense its position, read its pressure, or change its temperature — they manufacture electronic assemblies and circuits that perform as specified under the conditions required.

Carlton Industries Industrial products:

  • Remotely open and close petroleum pipelines in the arctic and the desert
  • Control equipment that processes food in the food industry
  • Run automated laser engravers for jewelry makers
  • Keep the bubble wrap flowing for a packaging company
  • Control medical scanners in hospitals
  • And much more …

Whether you’re looking for turnkey, Kanban/JIT or order fulfillment — and whether you want to supply the materials or you would prefer Carlton Industries to do it — they know how to make your product succeed.

Industrial control components must operate flawlessly, often under conditions of extreme temperature, moisture, shock, vibration and electrostatic discharge. So, Carlton Industries will make sure they do — with thorough and documented ISO 9001 procedures for high-quality manufacturing, testing, inspection, and failure analysis.

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