Scientific Instruments

Scientific Instrumentation

Some of the world’s leading makers of scientific instruments look to Carlton Industries to help them create products of superior quality and exceptional accuracy across the broadest spectrum of applications.  Carlton Industries is certified up to the latest revision standard of ISO 9001 and builds circuit boards, electronic assemblies and cables critical to the operation of instruments in fields such as:

  • Automated testing in manufacturing
  • Image capture and analysis
  • Spectrographic analysis
  • Nano technology imaging
  • Surface material analysis
  • Particle imaging
  • Molecular level detection
  • Optics

Carlton Industries stands apart in their ability to collaborate with instrumentation providers when developing production methods and processes tailored to the exacting requirements of their sophisticated users. Buyers of scientific instruments are technology experts themselves and are among the most educated consumers of highly skilled electronics manufacturing. Carlton Industries’ long history as a leading provider to this industry proves they meet numerous challenges every day.

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