Electronic Design and Engineering

Carlton Industries not only designs the production process; they can help you tailor your product’s design to meet specific requirements with their Design for Manufacturability (DFM) support upfront and throughout the processes. And because Carlton Industries is the expert in electronic assembly, they know how to collaborate in the review of requirement specifications to assist in building products faster, easier and cost less to produce. Working with them means that design issues are less likely to surface in production.

The result is a product that:

  • Has higher quality
  • Better meets performance specs
  • Is more reliable
  • Is less expensive to produce
  • Takes less time to produce
  • Better meets your business requirements

Carlton Industries is highly collaborative in how they approach design. Their teams work closely with yours to arrive at the best product design possible that meets your functional, performance and aesthetic criteria. Carlton Industries’ goal is getting your product into production sooner with less risk of costly surprises.

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