Plated Through Hole Assembly

With more than 20 years of experience, Carlton Industries is an expert at plated through hole assembly. They utilize the Contact Systems 400 E component locator machines programmed by highly skilled operators within a tightly monitored, documented and optimized process. Both RoHS and leaded wave solder are supported throughout their facility.

After tens of  thousands of plated through hole assembly jobs, Carlton Industries has finely tuned their process control systems and methodologies to ensure high repeatability — production run to production run — for excellent accuracy, product reliability, reduced cost and consistent results.

Whether you need a prototype or high-volume production, Carlton Industries is able to handle jobs of any quantity with a very fast turnaround. For a complete turnkey operation they have a supply chain of franchise distributors already in place ready to serve your needs and are also willing to work with your own designated suppliers and components. Whatever your needs, Carlton Industries is your solution.

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