Surface Mount Technology

Surface Mount Technology

SMT assembly line downtime can’t be tolerated.   That’s why Carlton Industries maintains two complete and independent surface mount technology lines — one geared toward smaller production runs, quick prototyping and fast turnarounds, and the other geared toward dedicated high-speed, high-volume production runs.

Carlton Industries’ dual MYCRONIC Mydata MY100-DX assembly line boasts a placement rate of 40000 chips per hour for each machine — for a combined rate of 80000 chips per hour. The MY100-DX’s versatility allows for quick change over from standard production to high volume to the most challenging prototype assemblies. The MYCRONIC Mydata machines can be run independently or together as a high speed line which gives added flexibility and eliminates downtime.

Carlton Industries’ parallel Phillips Assembleon AX-501 assembly line boasts an astounding placement rate of 121000 chips per hour. Alongside their Phillips Assembleon Topaz Xi-II, large-scale production volumes and quick turn-around times are never an issue.

Their highly trained, dedicated staff — plus their unparalleled commitment to preventive maintenance — means Carlton Industries can guarantee meeting virtually any volume and turnaround requirements.

Process control and process repeatability are priorities at Carlton Industries. Continuous process monitoring allows them to react to even the smallest deviation in any process and take corrective actions instantly. For a complete assembly process from start to finish, they routinely and seamlessly integrate SMT assembly with plated through-hole assembly, testing, and robotic conformal coating.

Coupled with their automated optical inspection, the surface mount assemblies that Carlton Industries delivers are of the high quality you expect and the quantity you require — on time, every time.

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