Testing & Programming

Electronic Manufacturing Testing and Programming

Whether your requirements call for environmental thermal cycling, bed of nails testing, functional testing or a simple break out box with manual data collection, Carlton Industries can help formulate a testing program specifically designed to meet your needs.

Carlton Industries routinely works with customers whose success hinges on their products operating at the upper or lower tolerances of their internal components.

For fully customized functional testing, you can include your own test fixture as well as rely on Carlton Industries’ own array of state-of-the-art test equipment. Their Teradyne bed of nails tester delivers computerized testing with consistency, high coverage and speed. Carlton Industries’ Hipot and continuity testing verifies cable electrical integrity across designed voltages.

All testing is a part of Carlton Industries’ plant-wide end-to-end ISO-compliant quality assurance program and is an important part of their process control to ensure continuous process improvement and better test results.

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